As Wikipedia says, a bikini is a separate swimsuit with minimal use of a material. The bodice is in the form of triangles and panties also consist of two triangles. It turns out that a bikini exists long ago, since 1946, but it took a long ten years before it stopped shocking everyone and began to gain crazy popularity, which cannot be stopped to this day.

A swimsuit of several parts is closed and open. The degree of openness of such a swimsuit depends on the top. It can be in the form of a top or a T-shirt (like a swimpress or tankini), hiding body disadvantages or the growing tummy of expectant mothers who don’t deny the pleasure of enjoying the sun and the sea. Swimsuits with a bra often have removable push-ups or compacted cups. A more common option is soft “curtains” for a small chest. Separate swimsuits have a clasp on the back. Straps are adjusted or tied around the neck. The lower part is represented by swimming trunks with the different waistline, straps or even with an imitation of a skirt or pareo. These swimsuits are not deformed when getting wet, don’t lose a presentable look from the sun and salt water. The separate swimsuits emphasize the line of the hips, attract attention to the waist and chest.

Bikini is a classic of the genre. Thanks to interesting prints, colors, ruffles, ties or their absence, the style of the swimsuit can be played endlessly, which is what designers do. In our store, you can find a lot of interesting bikinis. Choose your taste and be bold!

Going to hot countries, any woman dreams of flashing there all the charms of her figure, because an excellent rest is impossible if you don’t feel like a queen on the beach. Men stared to an effective woman wearing a bikini swimsuit, will help to emphasize the figure without flaws and give the double portion of self-confidence.

Bikini is a candid and brave version of a swimsuit, which is mostly worn by girls with a model figure. Such a swimsuit cannot hide any flaws, but only emphasize and advantageously present the hidden dignity.

A bikini has the minimum amount of tissue and hides only the most intimate zones. Most often, it’s presented in a version of trunks and a bodice made from a thin fabric without cups and bones on the string. Straps can be tied at the back of the neck or sewn into the bodice itself, but they are tied on the hips when presented on trunks.

To get the perfect and even tan, it’s worth buying a bikini swimsuit. Our online store offers a wide range of products with a big variety of color solutions and style.

During the summer season of this year, there were swimwear bikinis with wide swimming trunks and high waist because the fashion for such models is spreading at the speed of light. For more modest women, there is a bikini in a slip-style – a wide bodice on thin straps, with a soft cup and without fasteners, which looks more like a top and with a low-trimmed dress in the form of shorts.

Those who love when their look attracts attention will find the original swimsuit models. A sewn belt can’t leave such a look unnoticed, and quirky prints will help friends not to lose you in the crowd of other vacationers. Unusual variants of the straps arrangement will give highlights to your stylish bikini swimsuit, and additional strips of fabric, located under the bodice or above it, will help bring freshness and fashion trends to the look.

For a spectacular appearance, you should buy a bikini with paillettes. They will reflect and shimmer with different colors under the sun’s rays, which will accentuate the look of a star girl. For women who dream of a beautiful bust, there are models that visually enlarge the breast due to volume elements, fringe or bright pattern in this area. Those who want to focus on their hips or butt can buy a series of bikini swimsuits with ruffles on swimming trunks.

Perhaps, there is at least one bikini in the wardrobe of every woman. After all, it’s simply an indispensable thing in the summer. And if before bikini was popular only among the lucky owners of an ideal figure with a tight tummy and lush breasts, now it perfectly suits all those who want to hide the small flaws of the figure and draw attention to its merits.