Toilet Night Light

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Toilet Night Light

What is it?

Illumination IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light - LED backlight for toilet with movement and lighting sensors.

Allows to illuminate your toilet with soft light, will give the interior an interesting and unusual look, make night visits to the toilet more comfortable.

You no longer need to look for a switch in the dark, stumble upon various objects, and also try to wake up those around you with a bright light.

The device will become an original gift, or an unusual accessory in your apartment.


Compact device in a rectangular shape. It is made in a white plastic case. Mounted on the suction cup to the side of the toilet. There is a brightness adjustment and various lighting options. Backlight colors: Red, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple, Yellow and White.

How it works?

You just need to place the device on the outside of the toilet. After installation, you can adjust the brightness level and select one of the 7 highlight colors, or select the automatic color change mode.

Infrared motion sensor will determine when someone is approaching the toilet and turn on the LED-backlight, giving a soft uniform color. After leaving, the backlight turns off automatically. To save energy in the device, an ambient light sensor is installed, the backlight will light up, only if there is no other light.