Zivix Jamstik+

Smart Electric Digital Portable Guitar

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Zivix Jamstik+

Smart Electric Digital Portable Guitar

What is it?

Portable smart guitar jamstik + great solution for those who do not want to part with music! Together, the compact size of the guitar and excellent sound quality make it indispensable in travel for those who like to play this musical instrument. Real strings and frets do not require any tuning. Built-in sensors determine the position of your fingers on the strings and immediately display the data on your smartphone's screen via the jamstik + application. Thanks to the attached applications you will learn how to play the guitar in action, without spending hours on monotonous cramming of chords and notes.


In size, the clever jamstik + guitar is even smaller than the ukulele. Outwardly it resembles a fairly elongated pyramid, tapering from the body to the neck. The uniqueness of the guitar is that the strings and frets on the fretboard are made like a real guitar. manufacturers have simplified the case itself. The socket is extended along the perimeter of the body. naturally the strings go to the threshold at the end of the guitar. In the middle is the name of the product. The guitar is made in a single black color.

How it works?

Enjoying the guitar is simple and fun! It's not just a musical instrument, it's also your personal music teacher. A battery is built in the case, which must be recharged as needed. On the handle are 6 original strings, 5 fret, which do not require adjustment. Also on the handle are sensors that read the position of your fingers. These data are transmitted through the application in the form of a picture. The strings themselves are attached to the magnetic threshold.

On the right side there is the power button, the up / down buttons of the octaves. On the left side there is a Micro USB connector, a battery status indicator and an expansion port. You can connect headphones only to your mobile device, if you want to enjoy music alone.

Before starting the game, charge the guitar. You need to download free jamstik + applications to your gadget. You can choose from 4 free js + applications; jam tutor 1; jam tutor 2; jam mix. You need to turn on Bluetooth, find jamstik + in the list of paired devices and connect it. Make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone or tablet. Turn on the guitar, and wait until the indicator flashes, alerting you of the connection. Run the jamstik + application and register your guitar. The indicator will turn green when the connection is successful. Thanks to the quick synchronization of the device and the app you will enjoy an uninterrupted game of guitar.

All your actions on the guitar are output by the color video in the application. You can track the chords that take, learn and play music thanks to the tips of the virtual teacher.