Prynt Case

Instant Zink Photo Printer

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Prynt Case

Instant Zink Photo Printer

What is it?

Each of us remembers how great it was to use Polaroid cameras and to receive instant photo cards with bright life moments. Today it's a little expensive to have such a gadget, and the pictures are often made on a phone.

The Prynt Case printer for a smartphone was the ideal solution for receiving instant photos from your device.


The Prynt Case experimental design is a plastic case intended for many popular smartphones. It turned out to be much thicker than its counterparts. This is explained by the presence of a mini printer inside the case. Also, the accessory has a shutter release button, which simplifies photography.

The Prynt gadget is interesting because it doesn't require the ink for work. You just need to keep the battery in a charged state. The ink is actually applied to photo paper sheets. The case only promotes special chemical reactions, showing the image on a card. You can also buy print cards from the manufacturer.

How does it work?

The Prynt case can be used with Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6. It's enough to insert your phone into Prynt, and the rest of the work it will do on its own. Just in thirty seconds after you make a photo, the mini printer will give you a small pic of the size of 5×7.6 centimeters.

You don't need to fill the Prynt case because it can work without the ink. The gadget uses a phenomenon called a single-stage diffuse photo process. It simply prints the photo thanks to special reagents that are already available inside the mobile printer. A photo resolution will be small: 620×1120 pixels.

The Prynt case prints a photo not on a usual paper, but on a special one, which is provided by the developer company. Prynt works with the built-in battery. Its charge is enough to make about twenty photos. Then the portable printer requires recharging to print new photos.

In addition, the case-printer has its own nice feature or application, which gives you an opportunity to record a small video at a time when you are trying to find a successful pose for a photo. This program can help you create interesting photo collages, which will be executed in the form of digital pictures with animation. Thus, you can view all the photographing moments and search for the most successful frame for a printed photo.