Many clients, who once thought about the issue of hair extensions, have a lot of questions about it, including how to choose the right hair for growth and buy cheap hair. Unfortunately, today there is no clear hair classification in the world. This is due to the novelty and constant improvement of this market.

New players are constantly emerging and introduce interesting brands, names, their own classifications, which add more and more confusion to this issue. Based on information that you can simply found on the Internet, there are two main categories of hair distinguished by race, and this is done for the convenience of the masters themselves, although the name doesn’t always correspond to the country of origin:

  • European hair or Asian (mainly, India, China);
  • Slavic (mainly, this is Russia, Ukraine, Belarus).

For example, European or Remy Hair has the hairs which growth in one direction. Such hair is very unpretentious in the care and fixing.

It’s the most acceptable type of hair for the ratio of price and quality, and with proper care, such a hair will withstand more than one correction.

With hair extensions, you can solve a lot of problems that every woman faces in trying to become the owner of a gorgeous hairstyle. However, many are still afraid of whether the hair products will look natural when forming the most luxurious look. After all, it’s all about the safety of such a procedure and the complexity of hair care. But using human hair, you can forget about all the difficulties of building up the great hairstyle, you just have to look at the advantages.

Features of human hair

There are several features that the human hair possess: softness, minimum thickness, shape (straight or wavy), oval section. These hair are treated sparingly, which means absolute harmlessness.

Natural hair and its benefits:

  • Relatively low cost of hair extensions;
  • A huge color palette, a variety of lengths and types of hair, allowing you to create many looks, “try on” a new one and a completely new style;
  • Human hair most harmoniously look with your own hair and can’t be distinguished;
  • Durability. Human hair retains its original condition, and looks for a long time;
  • The simplicity of packing with any hairdresser.

How to fix it?

Human hair is fastened by small clips. Cold or hot treatment, it doesn’t matter, because in any case, you will achieve an acceptable result.

At the production stage all hairs are painted and processed in such a way that after fixing and subsequent care of them, the possibility of deformation is excluded. Unlike other types of hair, after a long life they continue to look natural and in general, are difficult to distinguish from your own hair.

Of course, there are several types of hair with different origins, but for people who really dream about the best and right option — human hair will be the best choice. All the advantages and features can be placed under a common denominator, which makes it an absolute favorite for an acceptable price.