Choose an Apple phone

In 2007, Steve Jobs, on behalf of Apple, showed the world his new product. It was named iPhone and it was a touch phone. From this moment, a new era has begun — both for the company and for the world of portable electronic devices. Millions of people are waiting now, what surprise will show another new Apple phone. The technical and ergonomic characteristics of each new version are of great interest to experts and users. What are the highlights of Apple devices, and which model should you prefer?

The legend in a world of mobile gadgets

Since 2007, the Apple team regularly presents new iPhone models. Experts and owners of such mobile devices willingly leave their feedback, actively discussing the “chips” and advantages of another novelty. Prices can’t stop iPhone admirers, because they pay off due to the device reliability and functionality.

In its entirety, the smartphones product line includes iPhone (2007), iPhone 3G (2008), iPhone 3G S (2009), iPhone 4 (2010), iPhone 4S (2011), iPhone 5 (2012), iPhone 5 and 5S (2013), iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (2014), iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (2016) and also the new iPhone X. In each succeeding generation, the phone functionality was expanded, the “hardware” technical characteristics and the screen were improved, new design options were added, and the main disadvantages of previous models were excluded.

Customers prefer to order smartphones of the 7th and 8th generations (iPhone 5 and 6) with updated touch ID technology. Apple phones work on the iOS operating system (7, 8, 9). Fifth and sixth iPhones are presented in several specifications so that each will pick up for yourself the model with optimal parameters. You should pay attention to:

  • type of the processor;
  • the amount of internal memory (16-128 GB);
  • screen dimensions;
  • the case material (when taking into consideration iPhone 5, the manufacturer along with the expensive metal case of the 5S model also offers a democratic version of 5c — phones made of polymers);
  • support cellular networks.

Phones of the eighth generation (iPhones 6) differ in resolution and screen sizes. The 6 Plus model has a bigger display (5.5˝ vs. 4.7˝). If you choose between iPhone 5 and 6, please note that the cost of the “six” is higher, but the model is superior to its “twin” in terms of battery life, memory capacity, functionality, access to wireless technologies, camera quality (including video recording). The design of the latest version is more elegant. Another criterion of choice for comparison is color. To please their admirers, Apple offers white, black, silver, gold, red and pink phones.

Care instructions

To ensure that the device retains its original appearance for as long as possible, clean the screen with soft cloths (best of all is microfiber) and forget about alcohol-containing products. To protect Apple phones from mechanical damages use a stylish case or bumper.

How to order

The most convenient way to buy the original Apple iPhone with a guarantee is to look into the online store with good reviews and a great reputation among customers. We have a big range of smartphones. Choose the phone by yourself in one of the stores, talk about courier delivery or receive goods through transport companies.

You can buy Apple smartphones in our online store at an affordable price. It is necessary to enter the product page, having familiarized yourself with the device characteristics, description, feedback, and complete the purchase.

So, you finally realized that you don’t need your old phone and firmly decided to buy an Apple iPhone? Well, congratulations!

Apple iPhone is the true dream of many people. A dream of billions. The happiness of millions. Apple iPhone is the brand for ages. This is the phone that is often called “extraterrestrial technology” because it’s completely unclear how on earth could be such a perfect and stylish technique? It’s like it went straight from the movie screens, right from the epic “Star Wars”.