Anki Cozmo Collector's

Edition Real-Life Robot

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Anki Cozmo Collector's

Edition Real-Life Robot

What is it?

Anki Cozmo Collector's Edition is the continuation of the sensational toy robot with the engine and artificial intelligence of Anki Cozmo. The new model received a more streamlined body for metal and a darker color. Like an older brother, Cozmo Collector's Edition displays emotions, remembers people's faces and recognizes them at a meeting.

A miniature palm-sized robot is controlled from a smartphone with the Cozmo mobile application, available in PlayMarket and AppStore. The toy will appeal to developers since Cozmo can be programmed for teaching new games and behaviors. This is an excellent gift for both a child and adult.


Externally Cozmo "matured" and became more brutal. If the first model is made of white plastic, the Cozmo Collector's Edition received a dark metal coating. More than 300 parts of the robot are carefully worked out so that Cozmo isn't afraid of extreme conditions.

The robot is on a crawler track, which allows it to easily overcome various obstacles and not skid where the models on the wheels would get stuck. It's a hinge in front that performs hands functions: the robot can move objects that come across on the way.

The OLED screen becomes a person. The eyes animation on which shows emotions that Cozmo is transmitting at the moment. To recognize faces, the toy is provided with a camera. Additionally, the robot is equipped with speakers and can play various sounds and audio recordings.

How does it work?

The electronic filling of Cozmo Collector's Edition consists of three ARM processors, speakers, and sensors, as well as a built-in camera. Using the camera and sensors, the robot scans a surrounding environment. It identifies people's faces and recognizes them at a meeting.

Cozmo's software allows him to learn how to respond to different situations. The robot is programmed for a whole range of emotions: from happiness and tranquility to disappointment, sadness, and even anger. In order to get the most realistic transfer of emotions to the development of the robot was invited Carlos Baen — the former animator of the Pixar studio, where the "Toy Story", "WALL-E", "Cars", "Finding Nemo" and other popular movies were released.

A smartphone or tablet with a pre-installed Cozmo application is used to control the robot. With a mobile device, the toy is synchronized over Wi-Fi. In the app, you can judge the robot, control its movement and even play with it. To do this, the package includes cubes with illumination, and there are several games in the app. One of them is called "Touch the cube": its essence lies in the fact that Cozmo tries to touch the cube at the moment when the highlight lights up and do it earlier than you do. If the robot doesn't succeed, it gets angry and can even push the cube, expressing its annoyance.

In order to unlock skills for Cozmo, the app provides goals for each day: to perform tasks and pass the test. Assignments are very different. It can be an aimless walk on the table for 10 minutes or, for example, the game "touch the cube" before reaching the score 4:4.

Another interesting feature that the app offers is the reconnaissance of the area, where Cozmo serves as a spy. In the latter case, the smartphone is used as a control panel and a screen, on which is displayed the image from the Cozmo camera.

For those who want to expand Cozmo's capabilities and teach it new skills, Anki has released Code Lab, a special software for coders. This add-on allows you to create robot behavior patterns, develop new games and much more. Programming in the Code Lab is easy because it uses drag-and-drop blocks that can be swapped, merged, added or removed. The built-in battery works for about 75 minutes of active play. After that, the toy should be charged using the charger supplied. Cozmo charges in just 20 minutes.