Peg Perego Ducati Desmosedici ED0919

Peg Perego Ducati Desmosedici ED0919

Peg Perego Ducati Desmosedici ED0919 – the tricycle for the smallest motorcycle racers

Ducati Desmosedici ED0919 is a single three-wheeled electric motorcycle for children over 2 years old. This model combines the stylish design of a racing motorcycle with the safety and comfort of a walking device. On a tricycle, your child can travel on hard and fairly smooth roads, with a maximum slope of no more than 5%.

The design of the electric motorcycle will not leave the child indifferent. Red-black body colors and bright stickers make the electric car stylish and memorable. Appearance quite accurately matches a real motorcycle. Particularly noteworthy are the windshield, powerful wheels and footrests.

The electric motorcycle is controlled by one pedal. By clicking on it, the young racer starts off and increases speed, and when released, it slows down and stops. The set and slowdown occurs smoothly, without jerking, so as not to harm your child and not scare him. Klaxon will help the young driver to warn everyone about his approach.

Advantages of Ducati Desmosedici ED0919
Security. Since the model is designed for the smallest speed lovers, the manufacturer paid close attention to safety. Anti-slip tread prevents tricycle overturning. And special overlays-limiters will protect the handles of your child from contact with various surfaces (walls, trees, etc.) even in a collision.

Universality. An electric motorcycle can serve not only as a toy for children’s racing and fun, but also as a means of transportation. During walks, small children quickly get tired, begin to act up and ask for handles to mom or dad. So that your little child does not get bored during a long walking trip, put him on a tricycle, then boredom and bad mood does not threaten him. A young racer can drive along the road next to you or race on an electric motorcycle. The attention of a small motorcyclist will be completely absorbed in driving, and the legs will get tired much less.

Compactness. The small size and weight make it possible to store the electric motorcycle even in a limited space and is easy to transport.

Technical Specifications of the Ducati Desmosedici Electric Vehicle
Dimensions of the electric motorcycle: 60×92.5×69.3 cm
Tricycle Weight: 8.5 kg
Payload: 25 kg
The maximum speed of the electric car: 3.9 km / h.
Tricycle continuous operation time: 80 min.
The Ducati Desmosedici tricycle will give your baby a huge number of joyful, memorable moments, will become his favorite toy, as well as the first means of transportation that the young motorcyclist will operate independently.