Peg Perego Ducati GP MC0020

Peg Perego Ducati GP MC0020

The best gift for a child is an electric motorcycle!

What to present to an active, cheerful fidget who loves outdoor games most of all and, like all boys and even some girls, loves cars and motorbikes? This motobike! The world-famous Italian manufacturer Per-Perego produces safe Ducati GP Rossi electric motorcycles for children from 3 years old.

With the Peg Perego Ducati GP Rossi electric motorcycle:
Your baby is happy. The model is carefully detailed, has two speeds, and the design is made for the motorcycle of the legendary Italian motorcycle racer and repeated world champion Valentino Rossi. Of course, becoming the owner of a real racing bike, the kid will be completely delighted!

Your child is safe. The Ducati GP Rossi motorcycle is no more dangerous than a regular bicycle, it is light in weight, has an anatomical seat shape, metal footrests and is designed so that the little motorcyclist feels as comfortable and free as possible throughout the trip. Two driving wheels are made of durable but flexible rubber, so they do not create discomfort even on an uneven surface. And for very young and not yet very experienced drivers, the model is equipped with two removable wheels.

Your child is developing. The Ducati electric motorcycle is a real vehicle! Already now you can accustom the baby to responsibility and even acquaint with safety rules on the carriageway in a playful, entertaining way. In addition, the detailed design of the motorcycle will contribute to the development of tactile feelings and fine motor skills in your child.

Your baby is healthy. With the electric car Per-Perego Ducati GP Rossi, outdoor walks will become your child’s favorite pastime!

Technical characteristics of the motorcycle Peg Perego Ducati GP:
Allowable age of the child: from 3 years.
Payload: up to 30 kg.
Number of seats: 1.
Number of engines: 2 (total power 330 watts.
Number of speeds: 2 (up to 3.8 km / h and up to 7.8 km / h).
Number of wheels: 2 leading + 2 removable stabilizers.
Maximum grade for safe driving: 10%.
Dimensions: 52 * 115 * 71 cm. Weight: 16 kg.
The Per-Perego Ducati GP Rossi electric motorcycle is equipped with a battery (provides continuous operation at full power for up to 30 minutes) and a compact charger.

Do not miss the opportunity to make your child happy, give him the Ducati GP Rossi electric bike from Per-Perego!