Peg Perego Gaucho SuperPower IGOD0502

Peg Perego Gaucho SuperPower IGOD0502

Electric Peg Perego Gaucho SuperPower – a stylish children’s SUV

Gaucho Superpower IGOD0502 is the most powerful Peg Perego electric jeep model. She has the strength to overcome inclined surfaces (at an angle of up to 17%), bumps, bumps and pits. This electric car can move on sand, puddles, gravel, country roads, etc.

Its appearance and technical features completely imitate real SUVs. The electric jeep is equipped with: impressive wheels, side mirrors, turn signals, fog lights, a glove compartment for storing small items, an ignition key, a powerful bumper, a gear lever, seat belts and a kenguryatnik that will soften impacts in collisions with obstacles. There is also a horn, an MP3 player and true FM radio. Striving for 100% certainty, the manufacturer equipped the electric car with an opening hood with an imitation of the engine and a tool box for its “repair”.

The jeep is controlled by one pedal: gas and brake. And two engines (300 watts each) will provide comfortable off-road driving.

You can take a friend on an exciting trip around the district, because the electric SUV is designed for 2 people: the driver and his passenger.

Advantages of the Peg Perego Gaucho Super power jeep
Comfort and durability. The electric car is designed for children 6-10 years old. Its body, battery and other details are designed for maximum loads during the years that your child will operate it. There is a function to adjust the seats for the growth of the child.

Security. Large rubber wheels provide maximum grip on any road surface, so the likelihood of a jeep capsizing tends to zero. Seat belts and shockproof bumper will protect your child from injuries in the event of a collision with an obstacle. The jeep has three speeds (reverse + two forward). You can block the second gear and limit the speed of the electric vehicle to 5 km / h.

Environmental friendliness. The electric car runs on a rechargeable battery, therefore, does not pollute the environment with exhaust gases and does not harm the health of children.

Gaucho Superpower Machine Specifications
Dimensions of the electric car: 131x90x100 cm
Weight of electric car: 38 kg
Payload: 60 kg
Maximum speed: 10 km / h
Continuous jeep time: 60 min
Full recharge time: 12-14 hours
On such an electric car, you can arrange a rally, slalom with obstacles, off-road safari, reconnaissance of the surroundings. Gaucho Superpower IGOD0502 will become your child’s favorite toy for several years.