Peg Perego John Deere Gator HPX OD0060

Peg Perego John Deere Gator HPX OD0060

Electric car Gator John Deere HPX – child’s dream, assistant parents

The modern development of the famous Italian company Per Perego – the electric car Gator John Deere HPX – will certainly become the most favorite toy for your baby and will help you – parents – take a rest while working in the garden, camping or picnicking.

The electric car Per Perego Gator John Deere HPX with its thoughtful design resembles a small copy of the legendary John Deere truck. Riding such an electric car is a double pleasure, because you can take a friend, younger brother or sister on a trip, or even ride your beloved dog!

The main advantages of the Jeep Peg Perego Gator John Deere HPX:
More security. Well-designed car design and special sides on the seats provide maximum safety for the young driver and his passenger. The truck will not roll over, even overcoming an incline with an incline level of up to 17%! The wide front bumper protects children even in the event of an accident. The case is made of durable material, the battery is securely insulated.

More comfort. The seatbacks are adjustable in height by 4 positions, so even the next year, when the baby grows up, his beloved electric car will not stop giving him so much joy! When the pedal is released, the brake automatically activates, stopping the toy gently and without jerking. The material and arrangement of the wheels provides maximum traction, allowing you to travel comfortably over rough and even marshy terrain.

More control. The second speed may be temporarily blocked by the parents if the small truck driver is not yet experienced enough. The model has the necessary European certification, confirming the quality and safety of the electric car.

More credibility. The electric car Gator John Deere HPX looks just like a real truck! It has a trailer for transportation, a windshield, reflective headlights and even a dashboard to make games and travel even more exciting and exciting!

Allowable age of the child: from 3 years.
Payload: up to 60 kg cab + 10 kg trailer.
Number of seats: 2.
Number of engines: 2 (total power 350 watts).
Number of speeds: 2 + reverse (up to 3.5 km / h, up to 6.8 km / h and up to 3.5 km / h, respectively). Number of wheels: 4.
Maximum grade for safe driving: 17%.
Dimensions: 131×89.5×69 cm.
Weight: 25.8 kg.
The electric car Per Perego Gator John Deere HPX is equipped with a battery (provides continuous operation at full power for up to 37 min) and a compact charger.

Please your child with an electric car from the world famous Italian manufacturer!