Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force IGOR0047

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force IGOR0047

Children’s tractor Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force IGOR0047

This magnificent toy accurately reproduces the appearance of the popular American John Deere tractor. Children like its dimensions, a combination of yellow and green colors. The miniature tractor is designed for children from the age of three, who prefers to actively spend time outdoors.

Power, strength, safety. The tractor’s carrying capacity and cross-country cross-country appeal to children. A capacious trailer is included in the package of delivery, ensuring the reliability of the game process. The trailer is easy to attach and detach from the tractor thanks to a special locking hook. Three sides of the trailer – closed, one – open. The open part is equipped with a stopper to prevent the loads placed on the platform from slipping. John Deere wide wheels with treads provide excellent stability throughout the ride.

Traveling has to be fun! Good mood to the child will provide music along the way. The tractor dashboard is equipped with a working FM radio.

Comfort at the car level. The seat, adjustable in two positions in accordance with the tastes of the driver, is equipped with two folding armrests. If the child is cramped, the armrests can be raised towards the back of the seat. The running boards at the edges are wide and durable. The accelerator pedal on the right, when released, becomes the brake that stops the tractor.

Manual adjustment by parents. The second speed of the tractor can be locked by a lock on the shift knob. Your child will not “drive” too much around the yard. At least until he learns to ride confidently or grows up.

Italian quality parts, Italian assembly. The John Deere case is securely closed on all sides, protecting the driver from internal wiring. Electric batteries are located under the hood out of the reach of children. The battery can be charged from a conventional wall outlet at home or through a long cord that stretches directly from the body of the children’s tractor.

Technical characteristics of the electric car Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force:
Number of seats: one.
Maximum speed: 7.5 km / h.
Minimum speed: 3.2 km / h.
Back speed: is.
Battery: 12V, 8 ampere / hour.
Continuous ride time: 40 min.
A charger is included.
Dimensions: 169.5 x 63 x 68.
Tractor weight: 16 kg.
Maximum transported weight: 40 kg + 10 kg in a trailer.