Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader OR0068

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader OR0068

John Deere Ground Loader OR0068 – excavator for the young assistant
From a very young age, a young researcher is interested in adult affairs and a variety of techniques.

To meet the needs of curious crumbs, Peg Perego created the John Deere Ground Loader. This electric car will interest your baby with its technical capabilities, stylish design and functionality.

Now your child will be able to help you with various “adult” tasks: repair and construction, cleaning or transportation of various items. Items and items necessary for transportation can be loaded into the bucket of the excavator. Even cleaning toys can be turned into an exciting game!

The single-seat electric car JD Ground Loader exactly copies the design of John Deere construction equipment and is an analogue of the model of the Ground Loader excavator. The electric car is equipped with a movable bucket, which opens up wide opportunities for thematic children’s games. Three speeds (reverse and two front) and wheels made of wear-resistant polymer allow the electric car to move on any road surface (asphalt, soil, gravel, sand) and overcome the slopes with a slope of 17%.

Working hard and playing with such an excavator is fun. To cheer up, it is equipped with a real FM radio. There is also a speed switch and steering wheel. Driving such a vehicle and its bucket is easy and powerful even for the smallest drivers. Without recharging, an electric car can cover a distance of 4-6 km.

Advantages of the Peg Perego JD Ground Loader OR0068 electric car
Security. The excavator is designed for children aged 3 years or more. Therefore, the model is equipped with a speed limiter. Protecting the battery and engine from moisture and unauthorized entry will protect your curious child from injuries, and the electric car from breakdowns.

Comfort. The seat of the electric car is adjustable in height. The design includes footrests to protect your child’s legs from dirt from under the wheels of the excavator.

Socialization and harmonious development of the child. Helping parents is an indispensable stage in the development and socialization of the child. Do not deprive him of the pleasure of helping you, involve him in socially useful matters. This will unite your family and bring your child satisfaction and joy. An electric excavator is an interesting toy and a useful thing for the development of your child.

Technical specifications John Deere Ground Loader OR0068
Excavator weight: 18 kg.
Dimensions of the electric car: 140x63x70 cm.
Payload: 40 kg
Engine: 2 pcs. 165 watts each.
Excavator maximum speed: 7.3 km / h
Battery full charge time: 10 hours
Continuous work time: 40 min.