Peg Perego Maxi Excavator IGCD0552

Peg Perego Maxi Excavator IGCD0552

Maxi Excavator IGCD0552 – pedal excavator for young fidgets

Maxi Excavator IGCD0552 is a pedal excavator tractor designed for children 2-4 years old. It is suitable for exciting games in a summer cottage, in the yard or in the private sector. The child can be carried away by a game in construction, for example, of a castle, or be involved in the construction or repair of a house, a summer residence, a garage, household buildings. Helping parents has a beneficial effect on the development of children, and favors family cohesion and socialization of the child.

The pedal tractor is a mini-copy of the real agricultural vehicles. The main feature of the model is a massive bucket located in front of the excavator. It can load earth, sand, stones and transport them to the right place. Four sturdy wheels provide a good cross. The pedal excavator is controlled by the steering wheel, gear lever and handle to control the bucket. The steering wheel is rotated very smoothly, so that even the smallest tractor driver can manage this machine. The design of the excavator provides a horn with which your child will be able to notify everyone of his approach. The seat of the young driver is located on an elevation, which will protect your child from street dirt that will fly from under the wheels.

The design of the model exactly copies the appearance of agricultural machinery – a tractor-excavator.

Advantages of Maxi Excavator IGCD0552
Comfort. A chair with a backrest is adjustable depending on the height of the child. For the convenience of the young driver of the excavator, a cup holder is provided where you can put a bottle or glass with your favorite drink.

The physical development of the child. The speed of the tractor depends on the intensity with which the young tractor driver will pedal. Such physical activity positively affects the development of the child, his endurance and activity.

Simplicity of operation. No energy, battery or fuel is required to use the foot excavator. It does not need to be charged or charged from the mains. All that is necessary for his movement is to pedal.

Environmental friendliness. The pedal excavator not only does not emit environmentally harmful substances, but also does not need any natural or energy resources. Its body is made of non-toxic plastic, which is confirmed by safety certificates.

Dimensions of the pedal tractor: 63.5 x 136 x 66.5 cm
Pedal tractor weight: 13.7 kg
Pedal tractor capacity: 25 kg