Peg Perego Mini Tony Tigre IGCD0529

Peg Perego Mini Tony Tigre IGCD0529

Tractor Peg Perego Mini Tony Tigre – a favorite toy for the little ones

If your child is still small enough for a bicycle, then for you there is an excellent offer from the Italian company Per-Perego – a pedal tractor Mini Tony Tigre! It is designed specifically for young children (from two years old) by analogy with a real tractor from the famous manufacturer of agricultural machinery.

The machine has an all-wheel drive pedal control, a steering wheel, an imitation control panel, and is also equipped with a large trailer. This configuration is just perfect for playing a farmer, a tractor driver and for many other children’s fun in the fresh air, and the compact size of the mini-tractor makes it easy to store it at home!

With Mini Tony Tigre, your baby:
Spends more time in the fresh air, because now the walks have become so exciting! And thanks to the large trailer, the child can not only move around and not get tired, but also transport his toys and even some things of his parents. Your fidget will be happy to help you in the garden, bringing up vases, seedlings and small tools.

In absolute safety, as the Per-Perego Mini Tony Tigre tractor is equipped with wide-set massive wheels with treads, which provides excellent stability. Internal mechanisms, pedal, chain, bridges and racks are made of stainless metal. The product is also equipped with special protection against splashes and water. The wide and durable front bumper ensures the safety of the young driver even in the event of an accident.

Feels truly grown-up thanks to the subtle design and meticulous detail of the Mini Tony Tigre.

Spends time with comfort, because his mini-tractor is equipped with a cup holder for a drink and a comfortable, ergonomic seat.

He doesn’t part with his favorite toy even the next year – the seat is easily adjustable for the growth of the baby.

Specifications Mini Tony Tigre:
Allowable age of the child: from 2 years.
Payload: up to 25 kg cab + 5 kg trailer.
Number of seats: 1
Management: 2 pedals
Number of wheels: 4 + 2 trailer
Safe ride surface: flat, hard
Dimensions: 131 * 50 * 49.5 cm.
Weight: 9.5 kg.