Peg Perego Polaris Ranger RZR OD0516

Peg Perego Polaris Ranger RZR OD0516

Children’s electric car Peg Perego Polaris Ranger – the peak of the child’s delight!

An unforgettable adventure for children from the age of six – a ride on their own SUV. Children’s electric car Peg Perero Polaris Ranger RZR OD0516 gives the child the thrill of driving a jeep in absolute safety. Ease of control is provided by an accelerator and a brake combined in one pedal. The electric car starts to move when you press the pedal and stops as soon as the child takes his foot off the pedal. Front and rear of the car – shock absorbers to cushion any collisions.

An electric car, like a real SUV, is able to overcome winding paths and steep slopes (with an angle of inclination of up to 17 degrees). Its maximum second speed is 10 km / h. Parents can temporarily block the second speed, limiting the movement of the car to five kilometers per hour for a child who has not yet learned how to drive the car quite confidently.

Your child will be able to take one passenger with him on a trip – his peer. A comfortable high seat back can be adjusted to suit the growth of children. Both seats are equipped with adjustable seat belts. To ensure maximum children’s enjoyment, the dashboard is equipped with a real FM radio. If desired, an MP3 player and a clock with a date and time function can be connected to the panel.

Additional devices that can be purchased with an electric car:
A spare battery with which you can double the travel time of a children’s jeep.
Compact charger weighing 210 grams.
An Integrale Rosso helmet in bright colors with a rising visor, simulating helmets for motocross.
Dukati helmet with a transparent plastic visor that protects the child’s eyes from dust that may occur when riding a children’s jeep.
Your child is waiting for not only unforgettable adventures, but also the experience of driving, which is sure to come in handy in adulthood!

The transported payload is up to 60 kilograms.
The electric car runs on a 24V battery, which can be charged from a conventional power supply network in two ways: by pulling the cord from the jeep or connecting the disconnected battery to a home outlet.
A full charge of the device lasts for 45 minutes of intense driving an electric car.
Dimensions of the Polaris Ranger in assembled form: length – 160, width – 98, height – 108 centimeters.
The weight of the entire structure is 46 kilograms.
Number of seats: 2.