Peg Perego Quad Princess IGED1152

Peg Perego Quad Princess IGED1152

A real little princess must go on an adventure in a pink ATV. Stylish,

modernly designed car designed for girls from two years old. This product is growing up: the child will be able to use it even when he starts going to school.

The combination of elegant appearance and ease of management. The female style in the design of the ATV is combined with the obedience of the car, which has a low ground clearance and stands on four wheels with wide treads. The electric vehicle steering wheel is made of four parts and ensures the performance of even the smallest turning angles. Handles of a wheel are covered with rubber, pleasant to the touch.

Maintain a cheerful mood. The composition of the front spring suspension, a neat accelerator pedal and two handles at the back to which you can attach your favorite doll – all the details are thought out in such a way as to maximize the imagination of the child. Colored stickers with pictures, pink, white and lilac colors on the surface of the ATV create a playful atmosphere.

Comfort and safety. Wide steps and wings protect the little princess from splashing water and dirt from under the wheels of the ATV. The machine itself is so stable that it does not lose its stable position even in sharp turns. The elongated seat is large enough to hold the driver even when your princess is older. Quad Princess IGED 1152 is a high-quality Italian product designed for many years of operation in the most extreme conditions. The body of the ATV is completely closed to protect people from electrical wires inside.

Technical characteristics of the electric car Peg Perego Quad Princess:
One motor at 50 watts.
Battery at 6V and 4.5 ampere / hour.
The battery lasts for 70 minutes of continuous travel.
Battery charging time – 8-10 hours.
The kit includes a charger that connects to a conventional electrical outlet.
You can purchase an additional battery that doubles the time you use the device. When assembled, the length of the ATV is 535, the width is 890, and the height is 585 mm.
Machine weight – 9.8 kg.
The maximum allowable weight load is 25 kg.
The speed of the ATV is 3.9 km / h.
The accelerator pedal in the released state acts as a brake.
The ATV is able to move on surfaces with a slope of up to 5%.