Peg Perego Raider Police IGED0910

Peg Perego Raider Police IGED0910

The electric motorcycle Raider Police IGED0910 – for real cops!

All children want to be like heroes, and to bring up male qualities in a boy from childhood is a worthy and laudable thing. And the parents will help parents with this Raider Police IGED0910 electric tricycle from the famous Italian manufacturer Per Perego. It was created for babies from the age of two years and is able to educate in children a sense of justice, courage and courage!

The model is designed for traveling on flat terrain, has a small angle of rotation, so that even an inexperienced young driver can confidently control an electric motorcycle from the first day. The toy is equipped with a horn, has an intuitive and simple control, which is carried out using just one pedal.

Tricycle Raider Police IGED0910 is:
Guaranteed security. The electric motorcycle has three wheels, due to which maximum equilibrium is maintained even on bends. The steering wheel handles are anti-slip, additionally equipped with special stops to completely eliminate the likelihood of injury to the child. Tread tires provide maximum adhesion to the surface. The internal structure of the product is reliably isolated both from moisture and from children’s curiosity.

Exceptional convenience. Raider Police has wide footrests, as well as a comfortable anatomically shaped seat that does not slip and allows the child to remain in it without tension even when stopping or gaining speed. Special wings on the sides of the electric motorcycle protect the little driver from splashes and puddles.

Incredible design. The design of the motorcycle is made taking into account the smallest details, even the panel very accurately imitates the real one. The product is decorated with inscriptions, a protective windshield and even a headlight, which, reflecting the light, looks exactly like a real one!

Lightness and mobility. Raider Police IGED0910 is small, you can easily store it at home if, for example, bad weather does not allow the baby to play a cop with his favorite tricycle.

Technical characteristics of the electric vehicle Raider Police:
Allowable age of the child: younger – from 2 to 4 years
Maximum payload: up to 25 kg
Number of seats: 1
Number of engines: 1 with a power of 50 watts
Number of speeds: 1 to 3.9 km / h
Number of wheels: 3
Maximum grade for safe driving: 5%
Dimensions: 60 * 92.5 * 69.3 cm
Weight: 8.5 kg

The electric motorcycle is equipped with a charger (6 V), which ensures battery operation at continuous maximum load up to 80 minutes.